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10Km Road Race

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General Information

  • The 10km Road Race is open to participants 12 years old (born in 2012) or older. The age of the runners is calculated from the year of birth (not the calendar year).
  • The 10km Road Race will start at 8.15am.
  • A time limit of 90 minutes (i.e. 1 hour and 30 minutes) has been set for completion of the 10km Road Race.
  • All finishes will be completed by 10:20′ taking into account the time delay of all consecutive starts
  • All runners participate in the race AT THEIR OWN RISK. The organizers are not responsible for any issues concerning the health of the participants due to lack of preventive medical check-ups. It is recommended that participants have undergone a recent medical examination before participating in the race. Particular attention should be paid by people who are experiencing any form of heart problems. It is also recommended that all participants, regardless of age, have a full cardiac check up before participating in the race. The organizers will not ask for medical certificates from any athlete, as all participants compete at their own risk

Before the Race

Α. Transportation of Runners to the Starting Point

  • Participating runners go to the starting area of the race at their own risk.
  • Use the Metro to get to the starting point and avoid transport by car.
  • Runners must be at Vas. Amalias Avenue (at the level of Bodossaki Hall), heading towards Syntagma, at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before the start of the race.
  • On Sunday 10 November 2024 there will be a complete traffic ban in the center of Athens from 6.30am onwards, especially on Vass. Amalias Ave. from 05:00am
  • Runners can warm up on Vas. Amalias Ave. at the level of Hadrian’s Gate, behind the starting area or on the grounds of the Zappeion.
  • Warming up in front of the start line will not be allowed.

Β. Management of Personal Items & Clothing

Clothing Bags

  • The clothing bag is collected together with the bib number and the corresponding sticker number from the Runners’ Center & Marathon EXPO.
  • The sticker with the runner’s participation number must be placed on the bag in a way that it is clearly visible, making it easier for volunteers to return it after the finish.
  • Runners must place their required personal belongings and clothing inside. Ideally it should contain only clothing. It must not contain travel documents, money, valuables or medicines. SEGAS and the Organizing Committee of the event do not bear any responsibility in case of loss of objects of value.
  • The Organizing Committee does not accept any other backpacks, bags etc., except for the special bags that it provides to the runners.
  • The bag must be delivered to the specially designated area within the Alea of Zappeion no later than 30 minutes before the first start of the 10km race, i.e. by 7:45am
  • After the finish line, the bags can be collected by showing your bib number at the same place where you handed it in.

Attention: Bags that are not collected after the end of the race will be collected and stored at the Marathon Office of SEGAS for a period of 15 days. After this time the bags and their contents will be discarded.

Start of the Race

Starting blocks – Positioning of Runners at the Start

  • All runners are positioned in blocks at the starting area. The block is indicated by the bib number of each runner.
  • The allocation of runners in blocks is based on their performance during the last three years (2022-2024) in a race with a certified route (see the here), as registered by them in their registration form and checked by the SEGAS Marathon Office. Failure to indicate a best finish time or if an incorrect/invalid finish time is stated on the entry form, will result in the automatic allocation of the runners in one of the last blocks.
  • Runner warm-up must be completed twenty (20) minutes before the start.
  • Fifteen (15) minutes before the start all athletes must have taken their place in their respective block.
  • Entry to the blocks is from the back.
  • Early entry to the block can ensure a place in the first rows of the block and is essentially a “reward”.
  • The starting blocks are demarcated along Vas. Amalias Ave. (at the level of Bodossaki Hall), heading towards of Syntagma.

Starting procedure

  • A “wave start” system is used.
  • After the start of each block, the rest of the blocks move gradually until it is their turn to start.
  • A total of ten (10) consecutive starts are given with a few minutes between each start.
  • Athletes starting from blocks to which they are not assigned are checked electronically and will be automatically disqualified and deleted from the results table.
  • The starting time for each block is indicative and will be finalized two weeks before the race.
TimeStart of the 10km Road Race
08:151st block – distinguished athletes & the 1300 best performers <46m
08:17 2nd block – the next 1500 best performers <52m
08:203rd block – the next 1500 best performers <54m30s
08:234th block – the next 1500 best performers <58m
08:265th block – the next 1500 best performers <1h00
08:306th block – the next 1500 best performers <1h05
08:347th block – next 1500 performers >1h05- no performance
08:388th block – next 1500 performers >1h05- no performance
08:429th block – next 1500 performers >1h05- no performance
08:4610th block – next 1500 performers >1h05- no performance
08:50the last runner crosses the starting grid
10:20End of time limit to complete the Race


Α. Map & Course Description

The route is as follows: – Amalias Ave, Panepistimiou Str, Char. Trikoupi Str, right Akadimias, left Vas. Sofias Ave, Fidipeidou, left Mesogeion Ave to the Police Academy, turn around (at the traffic light of the Police Academy), Mesogeion Ave, Michalakopoulou Ave, left on Mesogeion Ave, Vas. Sofias Ave (in front of the Hilton), Irodou Attikou, enter the Propylaea of the Panathenaic Stadium – Enter the Panathenaic Stadium and finish running on the tracks of the Stadium on the left side.

Β. Services

Health Coverage on the Route

  • The Organizing Committee of the event provides health coverage for the race.
  • EKAB (National Emergency Aid Centre) and rescue teams provide health coverage.
  • Medical assistance is provided along the race route at each station.
  • Ambulances are scattered along key spots
  • An ambulance follows the last runners.
  • Paramedics/ First Aid Volunteers are present along the entire route of the race, providing first aid and communicating with race health officials.
  • Physiotherapists are present at one station (7.9km).

Supply stations – Water supply

  • Bottled water is provided to runners at the start and finish.
  • Along the route 2 supply stations (a double water station) are provided at 3.7 and 7.9km.

Electronic Timekeeping

  • Runners must wear their bib number (with the embedded timing chip) on their chest.
  • The bib number must be visible and not be covered. Otherwise it is possible that the intermediate times will not be recorded and the athlete will not be included in the results of the race.
  • The runner’s number with the embedded timing chip is the athlete’s ID for the specific race.
  • If the runner needs assistance, his/ her details will be retrieved from the online platform through their bib number.
  • At the 5th kilometer there are electronic timing control zones for recording intermediate times.
  • Any athlete who does not have an electronic sign at the start, the split timing zones and the finish will not be included in the official results.

In order to be included in the final results – where their final performance and intermediate times are announced – and to receive a certificate of participation and performance, runners must:

a. Validly participate in the race (valid registration, bib number, etc.)
b. Start from the correct block
c. Show a time indication in the electronic control zones; and
d. Finish within the time limit for completion of the race.


  • A vehicle with a digital timer on its roof will precede the first runner.
  • Timers will also be available at points along the route.
  • There is a digital timer at the finish line.

Toilets – WC

  • Chemical toilets are available at the race supply stations.
  • At each station there will be four toilets (2 men’s – 2 women’s) and at one station (7.9km) one for disabled participants.

Kilometric Indications

There is an indication at every kilometer of the race route.

Collection of Runners who Drop Out of the Race

A very important service for runners is their recovery if they have to drop out of the race.

The last runners are followed by a vehicle of the Organizing Committee, which takes those who cannot or do not wish to complete their effort to the finish line.

If a runner drops out, they should head to the nearest supply station or contact an official or volunteer of the Organizing Committee at any point along the route.

 If a runner does not require medical assistance, they can:

  1. remain at the place where they stopped until they are picked up by a vehicle of the organization that will take them to the finish line
  2. wait for the bus following the last runners, which collects athletes who drop out,
  3. head towards the finish line at their own risk.

Any athletes who continue their effort beyond the specified time limit, at any point of the course, must be aware that they do so at their own risk. The Traffic Police will gradually open the race route to traffic, after the last runner has passed through the supply stations within the specified time limit.


  • The regulations of World Athletics (WA), the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) and the Hellenic Athletics Association (SEGAS) are adhered to.
  • Participation of athletes with racing or manual wheelchairs (category H1-5) is permitted provided that they have been registered and that the Organizing Committee is aware of this.
  • For this category there is a separate start 5 minutes before the start of the race (1st starting block).
  • The values of fair play are intertwined with the values of the races of the Authentic Marathon. This requires mutual understanding and assistance between the runners before, during and after the race, as required by sporting ideals and ethics. Individual runners and groups of runners must respect their teammates and not interfere with each other in their efforts.
  • Any runner who does not complete their effort within the specified time (90 minutes), must stop their effort and be transported to the finish line by Organizing Committee officials. For this reason there are specific transit times from the supply stations (See below “Time limits for completion of the race”). If they decide to continue on their own risk, they must move to the pavement and continue their effort there. This is necessary for the safety of the runners, as after the indicated hours the route of the race is gradually opened to vehicular traffic.
  • Use of headphones during the race is allowed at a low volume so that all runners are aware of their surroundings and are able to hear any announcements made by the Organizing Committee.
  • Participation in the race is not permitted without sports clothing.
  • Participation of runners accompanied by pets is not permitted, nor is participation with the support of a motorbike or other means, e.g. bicycle, scooter, skates, rollers
  • Movement of escorts among athletes, obstruction of their movement, failure to show the special permit (accreditation) and non-compliance with the instructions of the Traffic Police and the organizers of the organization will result in the immediate expulsion of offenders from the route and disqualification of accompanied athletes.
  • Athletes may not be accompanied by non-motorized or motorized means (e.g., bicycle, motorcycle).

In case of non-compliance with the rules, the race judges and the Organizing Committee officials may exclude athletes and delete them from the results table after the race, after evaluating objections, electronic and visual material.

Time Limits For Completion Of The Race

1st station 3.7km9:23
Inversion 5.8km9:42
2nd station 7.9km10:01

Access to the Race Route – Observing the 10km Road Race

All race routes are free of vehicular traffic. Non-participants (spectators, escorts, etc.) do not have the right to circulate in the stream of the road where the athletes are running regardless of means of transport. The lanes next to the ones where the athletes are running remain at the disposal of the Traffic Police, the ambulance and the support vehicles of the event.

Observation of the events’ races by spectators, escorts and friends of the runners and their movement is allowed only in the ways indicated on the special maps (Metro, public transport outside the race route).  

Finish Line

  • Runners without a bib number are not allowed to participate in the race and finish. Their entry to the Panathenaic Stadium will be blocked.
  • The runners finish by running the last 170 meters on the tartan of Panathenaic Stadium.
  • The course to the finish is indicated by judges and volunteers and is marked by cones.
  • The athletes finish on the left side of the Stadium.

Procedures after the Finish

Services – Pickup Procedure

  • After finishing all runners must continue walking towards the exit to avoid crowding and to facilitate the finish of the remaining athletes.
  • Medical assistance, if needed, will be provided by the medical staff at the finish area.
  • The runners receive their finish medal and head towards the exit of the Stadium
  • Using the special ramp, they reach the stadium’s forecourts.
  • There they are provided with water, juice and bananas.
  • The runners head to the area where the vehicles with the clothing are located to pick up their bags containing their personal belongings.
  • Runners can return to the stadium stands by following the instructions of the volunteers to watch their teammates finish.
  • Only runners who have a bib number and complete the race, as well as the members of the Organizing Committee who have the relevant accreditation, will have access to the stadium’s competition area.

Awarding of Prizes

All runners who successfully finish the race are awarded a commemorative medal.

Trophies (medal and certificate) are awarded only to the first three runners in the general classification of the Men’s and Women’s 10km Road Race, as well as to the winners of the 10km Hellenic National Road Running Championship. A Cup is awarded only to the athlete that comes in first in the race.

Results & Certificates of Participation

During the race there will be continuous information about the results on the event’s website. At the end of each race, the official results of runner coming in first are announced immediately.

The unofficial results for all participants will be announced on the event’s website after the end of the races, allowing anyone interested to submit a written objection within five (5) calendar days. Once any objections have been recorded, investigated and resolved the Official Results are posted.

After the announcement of the Official Results and within a few days, the runners included in the official results, will be able to download their individual Certificates of Participation free of charge, from the website of the official Photo Agency of the event:

Photography Services

The Organizing Committee collaborates with the international photo agency Marathon Photos. Participants can purchase personal photos of the race from the website: within 48 hours after the end of the event.

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